Provigo Clic and Go

Clic and Go at Provigo makes winter groceries a snap

I like winter. I don’t love it. I can see the charm in the delicate white snowflakes and the sparkly Christmas lights, but at the end of the day, I wish my ancestors had chosen a warmer place to start their¬†new life.

In my effort to avoid being cold and possible taking a fall that would have landing on my ungloved hands (not sure why but my gloves and I are never in sync) I enjoy the new service from Provigo called Clic and Go. What this means is after I have placed my grocery order online, I can drive my car out of my garage, over to Provigo Le Marche in Kirkland, park in one of the designated Clic and Go parking spaces, call the number, and magically a Provigo employee will place my groceries in my car. Voila!! I never even feel the temperature change!!

Getting started is simple¬†and easy…..

When you create your Provigo account you can expect in-store prices and promos – just like you are in the store. Don’t forget to link your PC points card to your account.

Freshness is guaranteed. Fill your online cart from home and work on your computer or with your mobile device while you are running other errands. Personal shoppers pick the best products available. Keep in mind that promotions are applied to the day you pick up not the day you order.

Pick up is quick and easy when you select a timeslot for your pick up that works best for you. Drive up to the designated parking spaces, call the number on the sign. Your groceries will be brought to your car and transferred into your reusable shopping bags or plastic bags will be used.

Specials are clearly marked with black and purple circles for easy shopping.

Provigo Clic and Go



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