Queen Elizabeth, 9 of the Queen's Strangest Powers and Privileges

Eight fun facts about the British Royals

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I am a London Royal junkie.  There.  I said it. I love to read about the Royals every chance I get.  I think I fell head over heels when Diana married Charles.  The British pageantry has it all, fashion, scandal and romance.  Here are some fun facts that I have gathered on the Royals from the BBC History website that I hope you enjoy.


  1. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t need a driver’s license. She isn’t legally required to own a driver’s license or a passport


  1. Prince Charles met Princess Diana when she was 16-years-old. The future King (maybe) was dating Diana’s older sister Lady Sarah when the two met in the late 1970s. He only took a serious interest in Diana when he was ready to wed.


  1. The Royals She is spared from all Freedom of Information requests, meaning they don’t have to give anyone access to their information. The Queen can basically never be arrested. After all, she’s completely immune from prosecution.


  1. Kate Middleton is related to American founding father, George Washington. On her father’s side, they are eighth cousins, seven times removed.


  1. Born on August 30, 1930, in Glamis, Princess Margaret was the first member of the British Royal Family to be born in Scotland for over 300 years.


  1. In 1960, Princess Margaret and Anthony’s wedding was the first royal wedding to be aired on TV. It was watched by over 300 million people worldwide.


  1. Queen Elizabeth was the first head of state to use electronic email. On March 26th, 1976, the Queen sent her first e-mail from a British army base while participating in a network technology demonstration.


  1. Princess Anne, Queen Elizabeth’s daughter, was the first royal to ever compete in the Olympic games.
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