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Montreal Grandma has been challenged by Ford to live green for a week

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By Rhonda Massad

How excited do you suppose I, Montreal Grandma, was when Ford asked me to participate in their Live Green for a week Challenge?

What does this mean? I have to live green for a week. When I saw the list, I felt a little like I would be cheating because I already do most of what is on the list. I have not, however, EVER driven an electric vehicle (EV). I love cars, so I readily accepted to drive a Ford Focus EV for a week starting August 4.  What a thrill it would be try something completely new. I have written about the outlets provided for EVs in various municipalities on the West Island, now will be my chance to try it for myself.

According to the documents I received after agreeing to the challenge; Ford’s vision is to make people’s lives better by
changing the way the world moves, just as Henry Ford did more than a century ago.

As I read the details on the fact sheet, I learned that more than 300 vehicles parts are derived from renewable sources such as
soybeans, cotton, wood, flax, jute and natural rubber. I also learned that Ford was named to the World’s Most Ethical Company® list by Ethisphere Institute eight years running.

Another impressive fact is that Ford will be investing $4.5 billion in electrified vehicle (EV) solutions and will add 13 new EVs to their portfolio by 2020. This is exciting. I have to admit that in recent years, though an EV has been on my wish list when it came to crunching numbers EVs were not affordable. It seems change is afoot.

Join me, virtually through live posts on West Island Blog and Montreal Grandma’s Facebook pages to experience the adventure together the week of August 4. This is going to be a fun ride!!

The Challenge

Below is the list of challenges that I will partake in as I go through the challenge.  I do make an effort to live green but I can do better.  I do use a travel much for my water ( I don’t drink coffee), I recently tried Yoga on the invite of Rozel from Energie EnCorps, I live on a laptopso no paper with regards to my work,  I do shop at the local market every Saturday in Sainte Anne De Bellevue and I use organic cleaning products.

Here is what I don’t do and may find difficult:

I have to figure what a plant-based diet is…. so I will get back to you on that one.  Tank is my only co-worker as I work from home so carpooling may be a bit of a thing. I am terrible with the reusable bags.  I NEVER remember to bring them in the store.  I will have to try washing in cold water and though I love to hang my clothes to dry, I do not do that 100% of the time.  I am terrible at composting, I have tried and failed miserably, but will try again for the sake of the planet.  LED light bulbs?  Daniel, can you take this one?  I did not know shutting my electronics such as my laptop made a difference as I assumed they were in sleep mode.  So I will check that too.  Why not do the challenge with me?? Let me know how you do as I go through my week.  Comment on my Facebook posts at West Island Blog and Montreal Grandma.

Ford, Green Challenge, Rhonda Massad, Green Environment

This is the list of things that I need to do as I take the Live Green Challenge.

  • Rozel Gonzales
    Posted at 13:08h, 13 July Reply

    Hi Rhonda! We are so happy that you have joined our community at Energie EnCorps! We look forward to seeing more of your throughout this Ford Live Green Challenge! Don’t forget that living the yoga philosophy does not just mean that you need to stand on a mat. We can practice being more present and mindful in all we do, whether its yoga, zumba, pilates, running, walking, gardening or even DRIVING! Have a great day! Namaste.

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